Do You Know Why Dr. M.L Saraf Got Accolade as the Best Practitioner?

“A great man is humble and has only benevolence in his heart”…

As the saying goes, it does hold true for the legendary Dr. M.L Saraf who is a renowned orthopaedic surgeon.

When you have back pain, chronic pains in your joints, stiff necks and injuries from sports, then he is the man you go to!


M.L Saraf has been a pathbreaker in the orthopaedic department of medical history thanks to his expertise and hundreds of successful cases. For a correct diagnosis of musculoskeletal problems, you need a skilled hand like that of Dr. Saraf.

How will Dr. M.L Saraf help you?

The man has been credited with treating his patients with the utmost care. He always runs a proper diagnosis and then only proffers you a rightful treatment. Moreover, he also advises you to prevent the injury which you have incurred. A worthy rehabilitation of your injury is prescribed by him so that future issues get resisted.

Your musculoskeletal system consists of –


Injuries incurred in these areas get treated successfully by this proficient doctor. Having a personalized area of expertise, M.L Saraf makes sure that your pain eventually goes away!

Why is he the best?

He says,

“I believe in treating people devoid of their personal background. For me, it is their safety and health which comes first and always will.”

* This man had made India proud in the field of Total Joint Replacement. Having a career that is full of medals and prizes, he never came in second place at any medical examination.

* Many a time, he gets invited to participate in national as well as international seminars and conferences to share his visions upon the progress of orthopaedic surgery. The talks that he delivers show how deep and profound his knowledge in the field is.

* Dr. Saraf has been credited as the Governor’s nominee in the Maharashtra University of Health Sciences and also in the IIT Powai.

Honours that have made the man what he is today –

If you must know, he was asked to lead a medical team of experts created from all across the world to serve the former president of the United States, Bill Clinton. He also worked as an advisory for the Afghanistan President, Hamid Karzai. This was done as per the request from Indian Ministry of External Affairs.

Many eminent personalities have received successful medical treatment from Dr. M.L Saraf. Some of them are –

* Former Prime Minister of India – Dr. Manmohan Singh

* Late former Prime Minister of India – Atal Bihari Vajpayee

What this man has shown the entire world is how one can remain humble even after being showered with so many prestigious names. Not only prominent personalities but also the general mass has been fortunate to receive his expert medical help. Serving the impoverished people residing on the outskirts of Mumbai, Dr. Saraf has proven his mettle over and over again. Having experience that runs for more than 25 years, he is indeed a prodigal personality.


A perfect blend of professionalism and compassion!

Once a man has achieved great heights in profession, he is most likely to lose his roots. Even the most common of man starts detaching himself from his once acquaintances and takes to the high pedestal of ivory towers. But, Dr M.L Saraf has proved to be very different from this stereotype. Felicitated with the greatest of honors in the field of medicine and studies, he still chooses to live among and serve the common men.

A brief biography
Born on 27th August 1947, Dr. Saraf was determined to become a doctor from a very young age. No wonder, he graduated with the first rank in F. Y. Sc from Monstuart Elphinstone College in 1964. Next feather in his cap came with the Best Science Student Award from the same college the very next year (1965).

This was just the beginning of his lifelong accomplishments. After completing MBBS from the University of Bombay, M.L Saraf went to Liverpool to conduct his further research studies. There his thesis was declared the best, and he became the first Indian in 60 years to receive the Norman Roberts Award for excellence.

There was no dearth of opportunities for him in clinics abroad. However, Saraf returned to India with his degree and joined the KEM hospital. At present, he is the most sought after orthopaedic surgeon in India.

Have a look at his credentials:

1.He did prove to be the best in his profession
Dr M.L Saraf reached the pinnacle of his career when asked to head a medical team for attending to Bill Clinton (the former president of USA) while he was on his India visit. He was also instrumental in treating Dr. Manmohan Singh (former Indian PM) and assisted in the surgery of Atal Bihari Vajpayee (also, a former PM of India). It was his exceptional expertise in orthopaedic that contributed to such dignified attainments.

On a special request from the Ministry of External Affairs, Dr. Saraf had also treated Hamid Karzai (former PM of Afghanistan).

2. For Indian Army and Navy, he was the chief medical advisory
M.L Saraf was the chief appointed doctor at the Ashwini Naval Hospital and took care of injured army officials. Very few people choose to work under such challenging conditions in army camps. However, this man fulfilled all duties of being an upright virtuous doctor and human being.

3. A doctor to the poor and needy
Dr. Murarilal Nagarmal Saraf has never denied lending out his helping hand to those who knocked at his doorstep. This includes Ministers and delegates to those living below the poverty level.

Saraf was a member of the Narayana Sewa Sansthan and has been actively involved in setting up medical camps for polio patients. He specializes in the treatment of polio and scoliosis.

Dr. Saraf has offered medical service to more than 1,000 orthopaedic patients free of cost.

Felicitations received for his unparalleled service
Dr. Saraf was chosen as the appropriate recipient of the “Rajasthan Ratna Award” and Mama Hazrat award for excellence in the field of orthopaedic studies and surgery. At present, he is a post-graduate professor and heads the Department of Orthopaedics at Bombay Hospital and Medical Research Centre.

Needless to say, Dr M.L Saraf is a perfect blend of compassion and professionalism!

M.L Saraf continues to bless people with genuine treatment

Doctors are known to be the saviors of life and very few can justify these words.  M.L Saraf is that doctor who stands by each of these words. His achievements and hard work have made him a most reputed orthopedic in the nation, being a blessing to the whole medical community. He is a true and versatile doctor who established his career with a sole purpose of serving the needy. He is one of those who believes that humanity is the key to attaining healthy life.

Dr. M.L Saraf is such a doctor who never differentiates between rich and poor; thus, believing the fact that all should be blessed with a healthy and pain-free life. His achievements are never ending. Thus, he is the actual example for all the young doctors who wish to achieve something in life.

Brilliance in academics and Qualifications M.L Saraf always had a different career since his schooling and college days. He was an ace student in all his classes and used to attain first position every time. With his hard work and dedication, he now possesses an honorable degree and achievements in the field of Orthopedics.

He pursued his masters in the subject from the University of Liverpool and attained great position with his excellence. His merit enhanced when he was the addressee of Norman Roberts Prize for presenting an excellent thesis in University.

He is one of the first Indian in 60 Years to achieve this reputed award. However, he never let his duties towards his country vanish. Hence, he returned to his beloved country and served people here.

Services Beyond Excellence On returning India, he joined KEM hospital and commenced practicing as an in-house surgeon. He understands the issues of the poor and the fact that thousands cannot afford it in the village. He then came to their rescue with medical camps to cure issues of polio and other diseases in the villages of Mumbai. Due to his excellence in the field and brilliant service, his rich patients even donated for the camps. It is only because of Dr. M.L Saraf, that the needy attain treatment to cure all their health issues.

Due to his immense hard work, he was hired at Ashwini at Naval Hospital. He undertook various surgeries on senior officers in Armed Forces. Earlier dealing with the patients was a failure, but Dr. Saraf has done a tremendous job in offering treatment successfully.

This doctor has also received an invitation to lead medical squad to look after the president of US Bill Clinton back then. He frequently receives invitations from the Medical Council of India and Universities to conduct inspections.

He has served people like- Manmohan Singh (Former Prime Minister of India) Shankarrao Chavan Dilip Kumar Hamid Karzai (Afghan Premier) Bill Clinton (Former President of US) Atal Bihari Vajpayee (Former Prime Minister of India) M.L Saraf not only proves his excellence in his field of Orthopedics but also makes his nation proud. His achievements are unattainable if one does not work selflessly. His services and years of hard work is an inspirational story for many doctors and people who wish to testify an example of humanity.

A Brief Overview about Dr. M.L. Saraf

Born on August 27th 1947, Dr. M.L. Saraf is a well-known orthopedic practitioner based in India. To call this doctor as just a practitioner is an understatement, because he does more than just treat people. He is an all rounder, and he treats all of his patients with kindness and generosity.

Armed with a striking MBBS degree, M.L. Saraf went on to specializing in orthopedics. He is considered one of the best in his practice in terms of pediatric surgery. Having done his masters in Liverpool, he has an enviable record of topping all of his examinations during the course of his education. He is known to be the first Indian doctor to receive a Norman Roberts prize for all of his achievements at Liverpool, which is why he has been associated as the “computer of orthopedics”

Dr M.L. Saraf was raised and born Kolkata, also known as the city of joy, where he shifted to Mumbai (Bombay) at a very young age. He has tremendous association with The King Edward Memorial Hospital and it has been his alma mater ever since. He completed his formal education at this hospital, and served as a residential intern for quite a number of years. He went on to become a lecturer in the field of orthopedics as well as a guest lecturer at this hospital and its affiliated college medicals for many years to come.

He is the Head of the Department of Orthopedics at the Bombay Hospital Institute of Medical Sciences, Mumbai. He has never stood in second in his entire life, and no one has been able to dislodge him from his position. In addition to all the awards that he has earned in his life, he has won a number of professional honors as well, and that includes positions such as the Honorary Medical Advisor at the Cricket Control Board in India, Armed Forces of India, and the Amateur Riders Club of India.

This is only a small portion of his achievements; over the years he has also earned a number of special awards that have proven to make him the best orthopedic surgeon in all of India. His moment of fame arrived when the Government of India trusted him with the task of taking care of the former President of the United States, Bill Clinton during his trip to India.

The government chose Dr. M.L. Saraf as well to treat the President of Afghanistan, Hamid Karzai. All of which earned him the top spot for best-trusted and most reliable orthopedic practitioner and surgeon in India. Through the course of his life, he has proven himself in the eyes of other people, as not only a doctor who can help treat your problems, but also one doctor that you can trust to give you the medical attention that you deserve.

Special achievements:
His moment of fame arrived when the Government of India entrusted the task of being the Head of the Medical Team attending to the then US President Bill Clinton during his visit to India. The External Affairs Ministry, Government of India, chose him to head the team that treated the President of Afghanistan, Hamid Karzai. He was on the team of doctors attending to the knee replacement surgery of the former Indian Prime Minister, Atal Bihari Vajpayee.

Final thoughts:
You would require reams of paper to highlight the achievements of Dr. M.L.Saraf. No wonder, he is a true all-rounder.

What are the elements that make up a greatest orthopedic surgeon?

tips-to-avoid-sports-injuries-by-dr-m-l-sarafOrthopedic treatment is very delicate. When done in a wrong way, it affects the life of the patient for a life time. Some people have been subjected to wheel chairs and crutches because of poor orthopedic services. This shows the need of taking time before choosing an orthopedic expert for treatment or surgery. Listed below are some elements that make up an excellent orthopedic doctor.

Commitment to learning

The orthopedic treatment techniques are ever changing. Better treatment and surgery methods are being unveiled. The latest methods are always more effectual and much safer for the patients. This shows the need for the orthopedic surgeons to be committed in updating their knowledge on orthopedics. Updating skills and knowledge has made Dr. M.L Saraf a legend in orthopedics.


The level of exposure the professional had in his career is vital in building his/her competency. Exposure is in terms of learning and interaction with other highly proficient surgeons. This gives the orthopedic specialists the opportunity to learn from the experience of the most reputable and exceptional experts. Thus, exposure will help in escalating his performance due to the skills obtained.

Service to all

The orthopedic specialists are supposed to understand that they are called to minister to the needs of all the people within their region. Thus, they should not place a demarcation between their patients. Regardless of the titles, awards and achievements a doctor has made, he should treat all people equally. This is the strength of the renowned surgeon M.L Saraf.

Against poor health

It is reasonable for a doctor to be in this career when he/she is displeased in seeing people unhealthy. That passion will make the physician to overlook other factors and serve the people with intent of seeing them in perfect health. Passion is crucial in this career because the orthopedic specialists always face great challenges most of the times. A perfect expert will be passionate against poor health.

Never gives up

An orthopedic surgeon should never give up easily especially when dealing with his/her clients. Despite the complications developing in surgery, it is always good for a doctor to be hopeful that the patient will make it. Giving up easily will culminate in the death of the patient in surgery. Dr. M.L Saraf always displays this spirit. That is why he perceives it asa possibility to make India a polio free nation.


Doctors regardless of their specialties are under a code of ethics that governs how they should operate and handle patients. These ethical values are set and implemented with the patients in mind. The ethics guide the professionals in making certain they deliver valuable treatment to their patients. You need a professional that has made up his/her mind to be ethical.

Standards of quality

The doctors should take responsibility and set a personal standard of quality that will guide them through the treatments and surgeries they handle. Having personal goals is good since it motivates the experts. M.L Saraf has set his mind to deliver valuable services. That is why excellence in orthopedic treatment has become his identity.

Tips to Avoid Sports Injuries by Dr. M.L.Saraf


If you are into sports you would know that the worst thing that could happen to you is to injure yourself. A simple sprain could leave you limping like a vegetable for a day or several weeks according to Dr. M.L.Saraf.  Sometimes, it may not even be that normal again. Professional sports could tend to have serious injuries as well. This is often a nightmare for these athletes. A far cry would be the ending of a sports career even.

Do not ever ignore this kind of injury. You don’t want to regret in the end. Dr. M.L.Saraf gives you some tips on how you could avoid such injuries.

1) Do warm up. If you just tend to go directly into intensive workout, you might end yourself or your muscles strained and aching. Through a good warm up, you would be able to loosen up your body hence increase the flow of blood into the muscles. A good stretching before any sports or a light jogging would be best.

2) Wear the correct gears. Protect yourself from injuries. Make sure that the right gears are worn depending on the kind of sports you are playing. Others would require a helmet, knee pads, mouth guards, cleats and the likes. Make sure you are completely geared up before starting with the kind of sport you are in.

3) Stop when you are injured. When you get injured during a game, don’t play again. This is a common notion that it is still okay to play even when you are injured as long as it doesn’t hurt so much. It is always best to wait for your injury to heal.

4) Rules are rules. Don’t do some illegal moves which could cause you harm. Like many would say, play according to the rules so that everyone would expect what to do. Don’t cheat by doing something else other than your usual moves.

5) Rest. Yes, rest and take a lot of it. You need to have those muscles repaired and regenerated. They would thank you for the time you are giving them a break. Those overworked muscles won’t be of good help to you in the future hence, rest is the best anecdote.

Injuries and accidents could happen in sports, more often than expected. However, you may be able to avoid them once you play by the rules and tips according to experts. When looking for an orthopedic to look into your injury, please make sure that you get a licensed expert to help you. There are many kinds of practitioners right now; you may start by looking into the internet and finding the best in terms of orthopedics.

Dr. M.L.Saraf specializes in orthopedics surgery. He also gives accurate consultation and recommendations not only to athletes but also to people who have injuries and diseases related to bones, muscles and the likes. I would suggest that you search for his name now to know more about his way of practicing and treatment.

Dr. M L Saraf has a great reputation for conducting research


dr-m-l-saraf-has-a-great-reputation-for-conducting-research    Dr. M L Saraf is an orthopedic surgeon par excellence. There should be no two opinions about this fact. However, many people do not know that Dr. M L Saraf has a great mind for research as well. He has a reputation of never having stood second in any examination he appeared. The first rank was always his for the taking. It would be natural for such a scholarly person to take to research just as a duck takes to water.

Tremendous researching capacities

The research activities conducted by M L Saraf have always been for the benefit of humanity. As an orthopedic surgeon, there is no one equal to him. He has a special fondness for children. This made him direct his research in pediatrics orthopedics. His love for the subject caused him to publish a large number of papers on the subject at National and International Conferences.


Naturally, where there is excellence, there will be recognition as well. His research on the Sacro-Iliac TB fetched him the A K Talwalkar Prize. His notable papers include research about the fractures in the spine combined with paraplegia. Some of his papers on the subject won him great recognition at the WIROC (Western India Regional Orthopedic Conference) 1980.

He has also given many keynote addresses in his life. The most notable one among them was at the BIOMAT 2000. This is a closed research group seminar with the IIT Powai, National Institute of Metallurgy Hyderabad, and the Bhabha Atomic Research Center. M L Saraf is one of the guiding forces for the doctors at this seminar, where they produce excellent joints suited for Indian conditions.

He has also actively collaborated in the manufacturing of the Jaipur foot. In fact, he is on the research board of Mahaveer Viklang.

Innovativeness at its best

He has an innovative sense of mind. He has been one of the outstanding students in the field of medicine. He has a great love for imparting medical education as well. In addition to his duties as a doctor at the KEM Hospital and the Bombay Hospital, he is a Professor of Orthopedics at the GS Medical College. He also has the reputation of having worked as an examiner in a number of Universities such as Mumbai, Bijapur, Jamnagar, and Aurangabad. The Government of India has also chosen him to be the Medical Council of India nominee for inspecting various medical colleges in Maharashtra and Gujarat.

Heading the Research Group of the Maharashtra University of Health Sciences, he is also the Governor’s nominee on the Management Council of the University. Conducting conferences and seminars in the field of orthopedics is his passion. It is very difficult to imagine how M L Saraf manages to find time for such diverse activities. This is his greatness and dedication to the profession. It would be virtually impossible to find such a doctor anywhere else in the world. With so many activities on hand, he might not have any private life as such. Every minute of his life is towards the betterment of humanity.