The man with perfect blend of kindness and professionalism!

A doctor who is kind, brilliant and excellent in the field of orthopedics. Well, the name is pretty famous in the world of medicine where he serves to his patients and students with his decades of experience. His wisdom and positive hope makes him the most beloved personality amongst all. Doctors are the living Gods, and a perfect proof of the same is this name!

In the field of orthopedics, every doctor and practitioner is a witness to the intelligence and skill set served by Dr. Saraf. This personality is a sure name in the list of favorite people of all his patients, as he serves not only his medical experience but a positive change to his people.

Why is Dr. Saraf the most desired practitioner in orthopedic services? The availability of following services makes M.L Saraf as an expert and reliable name in the field of orthopedics.

Machineries :- Dr. Saraf invested big bucks in modernized equipment which he uses for the best diagnose process in the same field. Patients under the guidance of orthopedics require set of machines that are helpful in the process of treatment and healing. Dr. M.L Saraf, being a professional practitioner believes in investing the right amount at a right place.

Always Available :- Dr. Saraf is always available for his patients. He is an expert who treats his profession as a necessary service to humankind. And therefore, he is always available to guide his patients as well as his students, who are curious young minds to learn his brilliance in this profession.

Experience:- Every patient looks for an experienced doctor who has been practicing for decades. Dr. M.L Saraf is a brilliant individual offering the services of orthopedics to his patient since decades now. This wealth of experience is what makes him an excellent teacher, advisor and a doctor with an experienced set of skills.

Mode of Treatment:- Dr. Saraf is particular with the machines, techniques, and equipment used in his practice. His latest mode of treatment includes the modernized machinery along with a set of exercise that he instructs as per the patient’s requirements. His mode of treatments is all certified and highly recommended by other doctors in the country as well.

Affordability:- Surgeries and treatments related of orthopedics can be expensive, and Mr. Saraf understands the tough situations faced by his patients. Therefore, he fulfills his oath to serve the humanity with perfect medication experience under the minimal costs. He is known as one of a kind doctor in the same field; well, the reason is pretty clear now!

Not every doctor can be a friend. But M.L Saraf is surely a mentor, a friend, an advisor and a motivator for every personality under his treatment and guidance. Serving patients with best of your skills and maintaining the dignity of your profession can be tough, but with personalities like Dr. Saraf, it is as easy as smiling every day. So, the expert of the field answers to your back and neck problem! So don’t wait, because your pain is not getting better any day!


Dr. M L Saraf does not need an introduction

Who has not heard the name of Dr. M L Saraf? Every person having an orthopedic problem would have benefited from his knowledge either directly or indirectly. We say this because he has treated thousands of patients on his own. In addition he has taught the finer points of orthopedic medicine to thousands of students as well from all over India. Hence, any orthopedic doctor treating you in India would have been influenced at some point or the other by Dr. M L Saraf. Is that not proof enough?

An absolute authority on the subject of orthopedics, M L Saraf has had an immensely successful career until date. We are not referring to the amount of money he might have or might not have earned. We refer to the number of patients who he has treated over the past four and a half decades. This includes an innumerable number of poor villagers from the outskirts of Mumbai, India who he has treated free. This is the greatness of Dr. M L Saraf.

Very few people in the world do not know what it is to come second in any activity. The former Prime Minister of India, Dr. Manmohan Singh is one such person. Dr. M L Saraf is another. Ironically, Dr. Manmohan Sigh has also been one of his patients at one point in time. Dr. M L Saraf has the distinction of treating a number of high-profile patients. This includes the Afghan Premiere Dr. Hamid Karzai, the US President Bill Clinton, the former Indian Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee, the thespian Dilip Kumar, etc. The list could go on and on.

However, do you think Dr. M L Saraf enjoyed treating such high-profile patients? Literally speaking he loves treating every patient, irrespective of caste, creed, and color. In fact, he loves treating the underprivileged people more in comparison to the high-profile ones. Dr. Saraf is of the opinion that the rich people have innumerable alternatives whereas the underprivileged poor do not have anyone.

This has not been an overnight decision. Dr. M l Saraf had observed the travails of the poor when he was doing his medical internship at the KEM Hospital in Mumbai. He used to see these patients struggle to reach the hospital from their villages. The treatment at the hospital is free but the traveling is not. This can break the spine of the poor people. An orthopedic specialist in every sense of the word, Dr. M L Saraf would never allow this to happen. He took a decision at that instant that these poor people deserve to have the benefit of his expertise.

In order to achieve proficiency in the subject, he enrolled at the University of Liverpool for doing his Masters in the subject. He cleared the course with flying colors thereby enabling him to come back to India and indulge in his passion of providing the best health care to the poor and underprivileged villagers. The blessings of such poor people can outweigh any wealth in the world.

Dr. M L Saraf has legendary accomplishments in his career

Every orthopedic surgeon in India would have heard the name of Dr. M L Saraf. The role model of every orthopedic surgeon, Dr. M L Saraf was born on 27 August 1947. He is a man of renowned accomplishments. His accomplishments could run into several pages. Of course, we need not go into all that. We can simply state that here is a person who does not know what it is to come second. He has secured the first rank in which ever examination he has appeared in his career.

When we say career, we refer to period from his school time until date. He has always stood first. He has lost the count of the number of gold medals he must have won during the course of his career. Starting from his first year in college at the Elphinstone College in Mumbai to the time he obtained his MBBS degree from the Seth G S Medical College, he has been the recipient of the gold medal for the best performance in academics. He then went on to major in orthopedics from the College of Physicians and Surgeons, Mumbai. The highlight of his career has been receiving the Norman Roberts Prize for the best thesis at Mch Orth. He was the first Indian to achieve this honor from the University of Liverpool.

These are awards for academic excellence. Dr. M L Saraf considers that these are part of one academic career. He treasures the personal recognition that the Government of India has bestowed on him. He was the prime doctor selected by the India Government to treat the President of Afghanistan, Hamid Karzai when he visited India for undergoing spine surgery. Now, Dr. Saraf is a master at this particular surgery. He does not have any equals in this particular surgery. To treat a foreign Head of State is a great achievement. If the Head of State happens to be the most powerful person in the world, the achievement becomes greater. Dr. M L Saraf was the head of the team attending to the President of the United States Bill Clinton when he visited India.

Dr. Saraf cherishes these special awards. He considers them as his most notable achievements. In addition, he is an authority on the subject of knee replacement. In fact, every doctor in India consults him on knee replacement surgery before performing the same. He was on the advising team to the medical personnel attending to the former Indian Prime Minister, Atal Behari Vajpayee.

He is an excellent speaker as well. He can speak with great authority on this subject. He has delivered many a keynote address, the most famous among them being at the BIO MAT 2000 Tata Memorial Cancer Research Center. He has also been a guest speaker at the Rajasthan Medical Congress on Joint Replacement. He loves teaches and likes to impart his knowledge to the young budding doctors in India. He has also been the faculty speaker at the Corporate Doctors Training Program in 2010 and 2011.

Deals with Hip Reconstruction

Front view of a pelvis with hip joint cut with an artificial joint place in the leg bone.Hip replacement has been one of the most common surgeries in the orthopedics world. After the surgery, you will have to be moved into the recovery room and would need to stay there for a few hours until you would wake up. It will take about 3 to 4 days for you to stay in the hospital although that would depend on how fast your progress will be. In terms of pain, you will have some medication which will make you feel comfortable. It is advisable to always breathe deeply to avoid lung congestion after the surgery according to Dr. M. L. Saraf.

The good thing about this surgery is that there are very low complications and some very serious infections could occur in less than 2% of the patients. Bacterial infiltration would enter into the blood stream which also could happen during dental procedures, skin infections or UTI. It is always a must to take antibiotic before you go into any kind of surgery. For hip replacement, blood clots in the leg veins are common. It could be life threatening if not properly taken care of your surgeon will be able to tell any symptoms or if you find one, don’t hesitate to call him.

After a while, you would need to do some light exercise like contracting and releasing your muscles in the legs and buttock. You need to restrict hip movement in the beginning as well. Your surgeon or the physical therapist would be able to give you proper advice regarding movements and therapy. You will be working with your PT after the day of your surgery.

After the surgery, it is a must that you have already a plan on the arrangement. Someone could help you drive home on a very comfortable car seat. You would need to have a help such as a friend who could do some cleaning, shopping and other household chores. This could go on for a month as you will not be able to mobilize properly. Stick to food which are easy to prepare like frozen, canned and do setup your phones, laptops and other gadgets beside you so it would be easy to get hold of it. When you are at home, a PT may come for sessions at least 2 to 3 times a week. This is one of the most common aftercare options.

Dr. M. L. Saraf is the head of the Orthopedic Department in the Bombay Hospital and Medical Research Centre. If you are looking for a good one who could help you with hip reconstruction surgery then he would be the best person to go. Do check out his profile now and see for yourself his academic reports and impressive practice.

Orthopedics Specialist Life

DR. MURARILAL NAGARMAL SARAF is known as an immense Orthopedics Specialist and Educator who graduated with a post graduate degree. Aside from his full time practice at the Bombay State of Maharashtra and National Orthopedics Center, he is just one of those people that you can be comfortable with. Dr .M.L. Saraf is a brilliant and in demand professional who is well knowledgeable with clinical management and implementation. Not only does he treat his patients with respect and all around kindheartedness, but he also makes sure that you get the best medical care. He is definitely the best person you can go to.

Throughout the years, he has been known and widely appreciated for his modern techniques in the field of trauma and joint replacement surgery. After being selected at the Naval Hospital at Ashwini, He has accomplished a lot of surgeries on various tenured officers in the Armed Forces where previous connections have delicately failed, which is why he was very wanted by many people and often called upon to do work on patients who do not get to encounter medical practices like this very often.

Dr Ml Saraf

M.L. Saraf knew that he had reached the peak of his career and professional achievements when he found out that he was going to be asked to head the medical team to look after the President of the United States, Bill Clinton. While on tour at Bombay, the Ministry of External Affairs recognized his efforts in the field of Orthopedics and asked him to expertly advise the President of Afghanistan, Karzai.

As a frequent visitor of the hospital back in his day, the University & Medical Council in India always called him to help conduct inspections. Since a lot of his patients appreciate him so much, some of the Naval Forces Members who were based in Bombay would go to see and visit him to seek medical advise on various complicated Orthopedic cases, that other doctors cannot seem to handle alone.

Aside from being a long time participant of the Bombay Medical Congress, he would also oversee the organization of seminars and would always have a positive response from the representatives who participate in his talks.

If you were to put yourself in the shoes of a doctor, One can only imagine how hard it is to maintain a level of composure when it comes to dealing with patients, and especially if the case is particularly hard to treat, but. M.L. Saraf, is just one of those experienced doctors who can deal with anything and anybody, and yet still be able to make you feel that he cares about your condition and wants to help you.

Orthopedics is no joke, and it can be very technical because you will be working with people’s bones, the main framework of the human body, which if you fail to treat correctly, can kill you in an instant. This type of practice requires any doctor to constantly update the patient, make sure of charges and other factors that other doctors may not be able to handle. M.L. Saraf has already been a tenured doctor for a number of years, and if you were to be his patient, it wouldn’t be hard for you to say that he is one of the best doctors you can go to.

A Brief Overview about Dr. M.L. Saraf

Born on August 27th 1947, Dr. M.L. Saraf is a well-known orthopedic practitioner based in India. To call this doctor as just a practitioner is an understatement, because he does more than just treat people. He is an all rounder, and he treats all of his patients with kindness and generosity.

Armed with a striking MBBS degree, M.L. Saraf went on to specializing in orthopedics. He is considered one of the best in his practice in terms of pediatric surgery. Having done his masters in Liverpool, he has an enviable record of topping all of his examinations during the course of his education. He is known to be the first Indian doctor to receive a Norman Roberts prize for all of his achievements at Liverpool, which is why he has been associated as the “computer of orthopedics”

Dr M.L. Saraf was raised and born Kolkata, also known as the city of joy, where he shifted to Mumbai (Bombay) at a very young age. He has tremendous association with The King Edward Memorial Hospital and it has been his alma mater ever since. He completed his formal education at this hospital, and served as a residential intern for quite a number of years. He went on to become a lecturer in the field of orthopedics as well as a guest lecturer at this hospital and its affiliated college medicals for many years to come.

He is the Head of the Department of Orthopedics at the Bombay Hospital Institute of Medical Sciences, Mumbai. He has never stood in second in his entire life, and no one has been able to dislodge him from his position. In addition to all the awards that he has earned in his life, he has won a number of professional honors as well, and that includes positions such as the Honorary Medical Advisor at the Cricket Control Board in India, Armed Forces of India, and the Amateur Riders Club of India.

This is only a small portion of his achievements; over the years he has also earned a number of special awards that have proven to make him the best orthopedic surgeon in all of India. His moment of fame arrived when the Government of India trusted him with the task of taking care of the former President of the United States, Bill Clinton during his trip to India.

The government chose Dr. M.L. Saraf as well to treat the President of Afghanistan, Hamid Karzai. All of which earned him the top spot for best-trusted and most reliable orthopedic practitioner and surgeon in India. Through the course of his life, he has proven himself in the eyes of other people, as not only a doctor who can help treat your problems, but also one doctor that you can trust to give you the medical attention that you deserve.

Special achievements:
His moment of fame arrived when the Government of India entrusted the task of being the Head of the Medical Team attending to the then US President Bill Clinton during his visit to India. The External Affairs Ministry, Government of India, chose him to head the team that treated the President of Afghanistan, Hamid Karzai. He was on the team of doctors attending to the knee replacement surgery of the former Indian Prime Minister, Atal Bihari Vajpayee.

Final thoughts:
You would require reams of paper to highlight the achievements of Dr. M.L.Saraf. No wonder, he is a true all-rounder.

What are the elements that make up a greatest orthopedic surgeon?

tips-to-avoid-sports-injuries-by-dr-m-l-sarafOrthopedic treatment is very delicate. When done in a wrong way, it affects the life of the patient for a life time. Some people have been subjected to wheel chairs and crutches because of poor orthopedic services. This shows the need of taking time before choosing an orthopedic expert for treatment or surgery. Listed below are some elements that make up an excellent orthopedic doctor.

Commitment to learning

The orthopedic treatment techniques are ever changing. Better treatment and surgery methods are being unveiled. The latest methods are always more effectual and much safer for the patients. This shows the need for the orthopedic surgeons to be committed in updating their knowledge on orthopedics. Updating skills and knowledge has made Dr. M.L Saraf a legend in orthopedics.


The level of exposure the professional had in his career is vital in building his/her competency. Exposure is in terms of learning and interaction with other highly proficient surgeons. This gives the orthopedic specialists the opportunity to learn from the experience of the most reputable and exceptional experts. Thus, exposure will help in escalating his performance due to the skills obtained.

Service to all

The orthopedic specialists are supposed to understand that they are called to minister to the needs of all the people within their region. Thus, they should not place a demarcation between their patients. Regardless of the titles, awards and achievements a doctor has made, he should treat all people equally. This is the strength of the renowned surgeon M.L Saraf.

Against poor health

It is reasonable for a doctor to be in this career when he/she is displeased in seeing people unhealthy. That passion will make the physician to overlook other factors and serve the people with intent of seeing them in perfect health. Passion is crucial in this career because the orthopedic specialists always face great challenges most of the times. A perfect expert will be passionate against poor health.

Never gives up

An orthopedic surgeon should never give up easily especially when dealing with his/her clients. Despite the complications developing in surgery, it is always good for a doctor to be hopeful that the patient will make it. Giving up easily will culminate in the death of the patient in surgery. Dr. M.L Saraf always displays this spirit. That is why he perceives it asa possibility to make India a polio free nation.


Doctors regardless of their specialties are under a code of ethics that governs how they should operate and handle patients. These ethical values are set and implemented with the patients in mind. The ethics guide the professionals in making certain they deliver valuable treatment to their patients. You need a professional that has made up his/her mind to be ethical.

Standards of quality

The doctors should take responsibility and set a personal standard of quality that will guide them through the treatments and surgeries they handle. Having personal goals is good since it motivates the experts. M.L Saraf has set his mind to deliver valuable services. That is why excellence in orthopedic treatment has become his identity.