Dr.M.L Saraf and His Contribution to the World of Orthopaedics

world of orthopaedicsRemaining unparalleled till date for his exceptional brilliance in the field of orthopedics, Dr. M.L Saraf is the man to admire and follow!

His professional achievements knew no leaps and bounds and reached their peak when he was called to head former President Bill Clinton’s medical team. He was also asked to advise President Karzai, the President of Afghanistan by the Ministry of External Affairs professionally. In fact, to date, many naval force members visit him regularly to seek his specialist opinion. Recently, his speech at the Bombay Medical Congress along with OA knee seminar won him many accolades from fellow delegates.

A man with such talent and compassion for his profession is rarely found. What’s more? His contributions to the field of orthopedics remain uncontested even today.

Some of the contributions made by M.L Saraf in this field are –

1. He imparts knowledge he gained over his years of experience to young students of orthopedic. Teaching them about the advanced side of pediatric orthopedics is one of his many deeds. As he is a charming orator, his way of delivering the concepts have received tremendous appreciation.

2. Unlike many other notable personalities who often feel a bit elated after getting acknowledged for their talents and contributions, Dr. M.L Saraf does not take his feet off the ground even after being recognized by the Government of India.

3. Over time, he has constantly proved his mettle. He has treated former Prime Minister Manmohan Sigh and also an eminent political leader, Shankarrao Chavan. He had been the guide to the team who looked after former Prime Minister, Atal Bihari Vajpayee.

4.Dr. Saraf has served as the Honorary Medical Officer for many organizations, notably the Mumbai Racecourse.

5. Working for the Indian Medical Council and as an external examiner for a number of medical universities across the country, this man certainly does not stop!

Polio Eradication:

One of the highlights of his contributions till date stands his vow to diminish polio from the face of India. The trauma of the polio victims made him determined to exterminate this malady for good. M.L Saraf has been a tremendously active campaigner of polio vaccination, and he is the reason that Mumbai currently has been successful at lowering the polio rates. It was he who brought in a strong bout of awareness amongst the denizens of the city regarding this disease and making people know the benefits of this vaccination.

Jaipur Foot:

The Jaipur Foot has an endeavor of Dr. M.L Saraf Reviews. With this contraption, he feels that he can gift new lives to the numerous amputation victims. He was the one who initiated a renovation in this contraption’s design. He desired to make it more comfortable so that it can be worn easily.

One can call this zealous man a true Indian! His uncountable contributions do not come with a price but a gift where many victims of polio, amputation and related orthopedic problems today are finding hope for a better life.


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