Dr M.L Saraf is another jewel in the crown of the orthopedic field. Apart from being an extremely efficient surgeon, he is a compassionate human being.

So, it does not need a mention that he is responsible to bring about necessary changes in the health policies for the poor in KEM Hospital.

Let’s Get to Know the Man Better:

Dr. Saraf’s full name is Murarilal Nagarmal Saraf and he is an eminent Orthopedics specialist who successfully completed his post-graduation degree.

Also, he is a teacher who teaches his specialty at Bombay State of Maharashtra and National Orthopedic Center. He is an expert in clinical management, diagnosis and implementation.

Not just this, he also makes sure his patients get the correct treatment suitable to their ailment within affordable cost. Moreover, he has expertise in the area of field trauma and joint replacement.

He has a number of surgeries on affluent personalities in his portfolio and he is sought after by everyone for reaching out to people who don’t get appropriate treatment.

Also, Dr M.L Saraf is a loyal member of the Bombay medical congress and takes care of seminars and always garners positive responses.

Some of his Noteworthy Accomplishments are:

M.L Saraf was the head of the medical team which for was set up to take care of the medical needs of the then President of United States of America, Bill Clinton.

After learning about extraordinary efforts, the Ministry of External Affairs gave him the responsibility to give medical advice on various orthopedic cases to the President of Afghanistan, Hamid Karzai.

Not just this he also took part in the joint replacement surgery of the then prime minister of India, Atal Bihari Vajpayee. Former PM Manmohan sign is a name from his list of patients. Also, reputed Naval Force Officers go and visit him to seek advice from him.

Moreover, he conducts inspections and seminars in the University and Medical Council of India. It is worth a mention that he has made medical treatment accessible to the poor and has given guidance to many youngsters.

This man has versatile written all over him. However, he holds the title of a successful surgeon but still believes in the power of Homeopathy and Ayurvedic Medication.

Other Facets of M.L Saraf:

Dr. Saraf is a man who excels in many fields. He is someone who is voluntarily working to get progress in the social structure and make medication and treatment available to every stratum of the society.

Along with all this, he is a meritorious academician who takes an active interest in various fields. For example, his interest lies in the management of Spinal deformities specifically on Scoliosis which needs complex instrumentation.

Another interesting area of Dr. Saraf is joint innovation for advanced techniques especially press fit and ceramic. Therefore, he takes a keen interest in Joint Replacement surgeries.

He has successfully made a unification of the Army Force and super specialty corporate hospitals. Hence, the expensive utilization equipment has gone down, and the effective cost cutting has taken place.

Dr M.L Saraf is a living legend who has outdone several achievements time and again. Also, he is a boon to the medical industry without whom changes would be impossible.

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