Do You Know Why Dr. M.L Saraf Got Accolade as the Best Practitioner?

“A great man is humble and has only benevolence in his heart”…

As the saying goes, it does hold true for the legendary Dr. M.L Saraf who is a renowned orthopaedic surgeon.

When you have back pain, chronic pains in your joints, stiff necks and injuries from sports, then he is the man you go to!


M.L Saraf has been a pathbreaker in the orthopaedic department of medical history thanks to his expertise and hundreds of successful cases. For a correct diagnosis of musculoskeletal problems, you need a skilled hand like that of Dr. Saraf.

How will Dr. M.L Saraf help you?

The man has been credited with treating his patients with the utmost care. He always runs a proper diagnosis and then only proffers you a rightful treatment. Moreover, he also advises you to prevent the injury which you have incurred. A worthy rehabilitation of your injury is prescribed by him so that future issues get resisted.

Your musculoskeletal system consists of –


Injuries incurred in these areas get treated successfully by this proficient doctor. Having a personalized area of expertise, M.L Saraf makes sure that your pain eventually goes away!

Why is he the best?

He says,

“I believe in treating people devoid of their personal background. For me, it is their safety and health which comes first and always will.”

* This man had made India proud in the field of Total Joint Replacement. Having a career that is full of medals and prizes, he never came in second place at any medical examination.

* Many a time, he gets invited to participate in national as well as international seminars and conferences to share his visions upon the progress of orthopaedic surgery. The talks that he delivers show how deep and profound his knowledge in the field is.

* Dr. Saraf has been credited as the Governor’s nominee in the Maharashtra University of Health Sciences and also in the IIT Powai.

Honours that have made the man what he is today –

If you must know, he was asked to lead a medical team of experts created from all across the world to serve the former president of the United States, Bill Clinton. He also worked as an advisory for the Afghanistan President, Hamid Karzai. This was done as per the request from Indian Ministry of External Affairs.

Many eminent personalities have received successful medical treatment from Dr. M.L Saraf. Some of them are –

* Former Prime Minister of India – Dr. Manmohan Singh

* Late former Prime Minister of India – Atal Bihari Vajpayee

What this man has shown the entire world is how one can remain humble even after being showered with so many prestigious names. Not only prominent personalities but also the general mass has been fortunate to receive his expert medical help. Serving the impoverished people residing on the outskirts of Mumbai, Dr. Saraf has proven his mettle over and over again. Having experience that runs for more than 25 years, he is indeed a prodigal personality.

Dr.M.L Saraf and His Contribution to the World of Orthopaedics

world of orthopaedicsRemaining unparalleled till date for his exceptional brilliance in the field of orthopedics, Dr. M.L Saraf is the man to admire and follow!

His professional achievements knew no leaps and bounds and reached their peak when he was called to head former President Bill Clinton’s medical team. He was also asked to advise President Karzai, the President of Afghanistan by the Ministry of External Affairs professionally. In fact, to date, many naval force members visit him regularly to seek his specialist opinion. Recently, his speech at the Bombay Medical Congress along with OA knee seminar won him many accolades from fellow delegates.

A man with such talent and compassion for his profession is rarely found. What’s more? His contributions to the field of orthopedics remain uncontested even today.

Some of the contributions made by M.L Saraf in this field are –

1. He imparts knowledge he gained over his years of experience to young students of orthopedic. Teaching them about the advanced side of pediatric orthopedics is one of his many deeds. As he is a charming orator, his way of delivering the concepts have received tremendous appreciation.

2. Unlike many other notable personalities who often feel a bit elated after getting acknowledged for their talents and contributions, Dr. M.L Saraf does not take his feet off the ground even after being recognized by the Government of India.

3. Over time, he has constantly proved his mettle. He has treated former Prime Minister Manmohan Sigh and also an eminent political leader, Shankarrao Chavan. He had been the guide to the team who looked after former Prime Minister, Atal Bihari Vajpayee.

4.Dr. Saraf has served as the Honorary Medical Officer for many organizations, notably the Mumbai Racecourse.

5. Working for the Indian Medical Council and as an external examiner for a number of medical universities across the country, this man certainly does not stop!

Polio Eradication:

One of the highlights of his contributions till date stands his vow to diminish polio from the face of India. The trauma of the polio victims made him determined to exterminate this malady for good. M.L Saraf has been a tremendously active campaigner of polio vaccination, and he is the reason that Mumbai currently has been successful at lowering the polio rates. It was he who brought in a strong bout of awareness amongst the denizens of the city regarding this disease and making people know the benefits of this vaccination.

Jaipur Foot:

The Jaipur Foot has an endeavor of Dr. M.L Saraf Reviews. With this contraption, he feels that he can gift new lives to the numerous amputation victims. He was the one who initiated a renovation in this contraption’s design. He desired to make it more comfortable so that it can be worn easily.

One can call this zealous man a true Indian! His uncountable contributions do not come with a price but a gift where many victims of polio, amputation and related orthopedic problems today are finding hope for a better life.

M L Saraf is the Messiah of the Poor

Which is the noblest profession in the world? Different people might have different ideas, but a majority of people will agree that the medical profession is certainly the noblest one of all. Do you need any proof of this fact? If you do so, you need not look beyond Dr. M L Saraf. Who is M L Saraf? We shall look at this doctor’s achievements and his contribution towards treating the underprivileged people in Mumbai over a series of articles.

Born in Kolkata (it was Calcutta during those times) M L Saraf had an exemplary academic record. It can surprise you that this man has never stood second in any examination he appeared. When you see the name of M L Saraf of the candidate list, you can start your count from the second rank. The first rank is a foregone conclusion. This prompted his colleagues to refer to him as a human computer.

After finishing his intermediate examinations, M L Saraf enrolled at the G S Seth Medical College for completing his medicine degree. During that time, he had the opportunity to work at the KEM Hospital in Mumbai as an intern. This one year experience changed his outlook towards life. He saw that people from all over Mumbai and its nearby places come to KEM Hospital for treatment. People conversant with the geography of Mumbai and its local trains will understand the hardships these people have to endure.

M L Saraf made up his mind to do his Masters in Paediatric Orthopaedics. He went to the United Kingdom to complete his Masters at Liverpool. There are no prizes for guessing who topped the University at the end of his course. He won the Robert Norman Prize for his thesis on the subject. No other Indian had won this prize since its inception 60 years ago. That was an achievement by itself. Naturally, he got tremendous offers to settle down in Liverpool and lead a luxurious life. Many people had done so before him and since then as well. M L Saraf returned to India to fulfil his ambition of treating the poor.

The first thing he did on coming back to Mumbai was to enrol at KEM Hospital to offer his services. He started treating the poor people from the villages. He had a great interest in psychology. In fact, a paediatric professional should be an expert in psychology, especially child psychology. Using these skills, he gathered that for every person that visits KEM Hospital for treatment, there are ten more who could not afford the trip. This made him decide to venture out to the villages and help the villagers.

He had to take the permission of the hospital authorities to do so. They gave it to him considering the nobility of the deed. M L Saraf started visiting the villages in and around Mumbai. This endeavour had a dual effect. The crowds to the hospital reduced thereby allowing them to attend to other patients. The villages benefited because of his presence.

Dr. M L Saraf is an all-rounder – to borrow a cricketing term

Dr. M L Saraf has treated a variety of patients in his life. They include the rich and the powerful and the meek and the poor as well. He has treated many numbers of cricketers and other sportspersons during his stint as an honorary medical doctor on the board of the Cricket Club of India. Hence, it would be right on our part to call him as a true all-rounder. We have borrowed a cricketing term but this description suits him to a T.

There are numerous accounts of patients owing to their good health to his efforts and treatments alone. Many people have literally been crippled in their lives before coming into contact with M L Saraf. It is due to his concerted treatments alone that they are able to walk without any physical support today.

He is a true advocate of the Jaipur Foot as well. The makers of the Jaipur Foot consult him at various levels before designing the contraption for the patient. The comfort level of the patient is more important to him than anything else. Dr. Saraf takes great pleasure in treating children. It must be said that he loves children a lot. This made him take up the subject of pediatric orthopedics at the University of Liverpool while doing his Masters. He won the Norman Roberts prize for his paper on this subject.

He could have easily remained in the UK. In fact, the people had requested him to stay back and help them. However, the thought of treating people in his home country brought Dr. M L Saraf to India. One should thank one’s stars that he made this wise decision. India needs him more than any country today.

The Government of India has also recognized his capabilities. Therefore, they had bestowed on him the honor of leading the medical team that attended to the US President Bill Clinton when he came to Mumbai. That is a great honor for him because the US President always travels with his own team of doctors. The very fact that ML Saraf was the head of the team is proof of his capabilities as an orthopedic surgeon.

Other than Bill Clinton, he has treated a host of celebrities like former Prime Ministers, Atal Bihari Vajpayee and Dr. Manmohan Singh. He has also treated the former Chief Minister of Maharashtra, Shankarrao Chavan. Dilip Kumar, the noted Bollywood actor has been a constant patient of M L Saraf.

Dr. Hamid Karzai has also been one of his renowned patients. When people like the Afghani Premier come to India for treatment, they do so because we have some of the best facilities in the world. Under such circumstances, the Government of India chooses Dr. M L Saraf to operate on him. This shows how much trust the Government has on his capabilities. He cannot afford to let this trust down. In fact, he has not seen failure in his life right from the days of being a simple student until date.

Meet the No. 1 Orthopedics in Mumbai

Let us begin on a very light note. Someone asked M L Saraf to write down the numbers from 1 to 10. He could not go beyond the number 1. This is because he did not know what it were to be number 2. Jokes apart, Dr. M L Saraf had an extremely brilliant academic career where he stood first in every competitive examination he participated in his life.

This was fine as long as he was in India. He stood first in his matriculation and higher secondary examinations. He attained the pinnacle position in his graduate examinations for MBBS. His exploits did not end here. He went to Liverpool University to study advanced orthopedics. He stood first there as well. He was the first Indian to receive the Normal Roberts Prize and gold medal for his paper on pediatric orthopedics. In short, he has never come second anywhere in life.

Normally, you expect such persons to become conceited because of their strong academic achievements. Dr. M L Saraf was of a different breed altogether. He was humble to the core and began serving people in his alma mater, KEM Hospital. He had seen the plight of the poor when he was an intern at the same hospital. This moved him a lot and made him decide to serve the poor by taking his medical services to their doorstep.

He made it a point to visit the villages on the outskirts of Mumbai and treat the children for free. He also arranged for the calipers for children afflicted with polio. It is very difficult to find such a person like M L Saraf. A world famous surgeon spending time in the villages and treating people free of cost was something new. This made many of his rich friends and patients to help him in his philanthropic endeavor by donating money for his trips, medicines, and calipers, etc. Thus, they played a great role in the uplifting of medical facilities for the poor.

As explained earlier, he loved to teach orthopedics to students. In fact, he is considered as one of the leading orthopedic surgeons in India. This explains why the Government of India chose him to be the head of the medical team attending to the US President Bill Clinton when he visited Mumbai. This is a great honor to have. In addition, he has also operated on Dr. Hamid Karzai, the Premier of Afghanistan. Nearer home, he has operated on the former Prime Minister of India, Dr. Manmohan Singh as well. He has the distinction of being the adviser to Dr. Ranawat while he operated on the former Prime Minister of India, Atal Bihari Vajpayee.

These are fantastic credentials by any standards. In addition, he has treated a lot of high profile celebrities like Shankarrao Chavan, Dilip Kumar, etc. However, treating the poor children of the villages brought him greater joy than treating these celebrities. This is the greatness of the orthopedic surgeon par excellence, Dr. M L Saraf.

Dr. M L Saraf is a great human being as well

What are the qualities you expect in a doctor? People often equate doctors to the Divine Incarnate. Hence, they should possess some qualities of GOD. Some of the important qualities are compassion, dedication to serve, patience, and above all, a never-say-die attitude. This is because the doctor should never lose hope on the operation table. The patient pins all his hopes on the doctor. If the doctor starts losing hope, imagine what will go through the patient’s mind. He will already be a dead duck. One cannot say the same about all doctors in the world but Dr. M L Saraf has all these qualities in plenty.

Voicing compassion is one aspect whereas acting on your convictions is something different. M L Saraf certainly walks the talk. When he says that he has an ambition to take care of the poor, he means that in every sense of the word. You could see the compassion in his eyes as an intern at the KEM Hospital in Mumbai. That period made him convince that he has a lot to offer for the welfare of the poor. He could not bear to see the children struggling with their ailments. That cemented his decision to pursue pediatric orthopedics at the Liverpool University. True to his reputation, he topped the University with the Norman Roberts Award to boot.

He had the option of staying back in the UK. He was not going to have any of it. Dr. M L Saraf returned to his alma mater, KEM Hospital so that he can be in touch with the poor again, This shows that he has the compassion and dedication to serve the poor. Thus, you find him ticking two boxes as far as the qualities of a doctor are concerned.

M L Saraf saw to it that he made a weekly visit to the villages and cater to patients who did not have the means to travel to the city. These visits also allowed him to cater to patients from other nearby villages as well. He sensed that the villagers did not maintain good hygienic habits. Hence, he made it a point to stress on maintaining good hygiene to ward of diseases like polio. He had a burning ambition to eradicate polio from India. It will not be long before his dreams come true.

In addition to the medical checkups of the villagers, he has donated a lot of calipers and other support equipment to the children. His philanthropic instincts cone to the fore at this point. He has a lot of well-to-do patients as well. He persuaded them to contribute their mite for the welfare of the poor. Dealing with children requires him to exercise lots of patience. He has this quality as well in plenty.

The best quality of Dr. M L Saraf is that he never gives up on any patient. This makes him perfect as a doctor. He has all the qualities one expects a doctor to have. He is a great doctor. In addition, he is a great human as well.

Dr M.L Saraf is another jewel in the crown of the orthopedic field. Apart from being an extremely efficient surgeon, he is a compassionate human being.

So, it does not need a mention that he is responsible to bring about necessary changes in the health policies for the poor in KEM Hospital.

Let’s Get to Know the Man Better:

Dr. Saraf’s full name is Murarilal Nagarmal Saraf and he is an eminent Orthopedics specialist who successfully completed his post-graduation degree.

Also, he is a teacher who teaches his specialty at Bombay State of Maharashtra and National Orthopedic Center. He is an expert in clinical management, diagnosis and implementation.

Not just this, he also makes sure his patients get the correct treatment suitable to their ailment within affordable cost. Moreover, he has expertise in the area of field trauma and joint replacement.

He has a number of surgeries on affluent personalities in his portfolio and he is sought after by everyone for reaching out to people who don’t get appropriate treatment.

Also, Dr M.L Saraf is a loyal member of the Bombay medical congress and takes care of seminars and always garners positive responses.

Some of his Noteworthy Accomplishments are:

M.L Saraf was the head of the medical team which for was set up to take care of the medical needs of the then President of United States of America, Bill Clinton.

After learning about extraordinary efforts, the Ministry of External Affairs gave him the responsibility to give medical advice on various orthopedic cases to the President of Afghanistan, Hamid Karzai.

Not just this he also took part in the joint replacement surgery of the then prime minister of India, Atal Bihari Vajpayee. Former PM Manmohan sign is a name from his list of patients. Also, reputed Naval Force Officers go and visit him to seek advice from him.

Moreover, he conducts inspections and seminars in the University and Medical Council of India. It is worth a mention that he has made medical treatment accessible to the poor and has given guidance to many youngsters.

This man has versatile written all over him. However, he holds the title of a successful surgeon but still believes in the power of Homeopathy and Ayurvedic Medication.

Other Facets of M.L Saraf:

Dr. Saraf is a man who excels in many fields. He is someone who is voluntarily working to get progress in the social structure and make medication and treatment available to every stratum of the society.

Along with all this, he is a meritorious academician who takes an active interest in various fields. For example, his interest lies in the management of Spinal deformities specifically on Scoliosis which needs complex instrumentation.

Another interesting area of Dr. Saraf is joint innovation for advanced techniques especially press fit and ceramic. Therefore, he takes a keen interest in Joint Replacement surgeries.

He has successfully made a unification of the Army Force and super specialty corporate hospitals. Hence, the expensive utilization equipment has gone down, and the effective cost cutting has taken place.

Dr M.L Saraf is a living legend who has outdone several achievements time and again. Also, he is a boon to the medical industry without whom changes would be impossible.

A perfect blend of professionalism and compassion!

Once a man has achieved great heights in profession, he is most likely to lose his roots. Even the most common of man starts detaching himself from his once acquaintances and takes to the high pedestal of ivory towers. But, Dr M.L Saraf has proved to be very different from this stereotype. Felicitated with the greatest of honors in the field of medicine and studies, he still chooses to live among and serve the common men.

A brief biography
Born on 27th August 1947, Dr. Saraf was determined to become a doctor from a very young age. No wonder, he graduated with the first rank in F. Y. Sc from Monstuart Elphinstone College in 1964. Next feather in his cap came with the Best Science Student Award from the same college the very next year (1965).

This was just the beginning of his lifelong accomplishments. After completing MBBS from the University of Bombay, M.L Saraf went to Liverpool to conduct his further research studies. There his thesis was declared the best, and he became the first Indian in 60 years to receive the Norman Roberts Award for excellence.

There was no dearth of opportunities for him in clinics abroad. However, Saraf returned to India with his degree and joined the KEM hospital. At present, he is the most sought after orthopaedic surgeon in India.

Have a look at his credentials:

1.He did prove to be the best in his profession
Dr M.L Saraf reached the pinnacle of his career when asked to head a medical team for attending to Bill Clinton (the former president of USA) while he was on his India visit. He was also instrumental in treating Dr. Manmohan Singh (former Indian PM) and assisted in the surgery of Atal Bihari Vajpayee (also, a former PM of India). It was his exceptional expertise in orthopaedic that contributed to such dignified attainments.

On a special request from the Ministry of External Affairs, Dr. Saraf had also treated Hamid Karzai (former PM of Afghanistan).

2. For Indian Army and Navy, he was the chief medical advisory
M.L Saraf was the chief appointed doctor at the Ashwini Naval Hospital and took care of injured army officials. Very few people choose to work under such challenging conditions in army camps. However, this man fulfilled all duties of being an upright virtuous doctor and human being.

3. A doctor to the poor and needy
Dr. Murarilal Nagarmal Saraf has never denied lending out his helping hand to those who knocked at his doorstep. This includes Ministers and delegates to those living below the poverty level.

Saraf was a member of the Narayana Sewa Sansthan and has been actively involved in setting up medical camps for polio patients. He specializes in the treatment of polio and scoliosis.

Dr. Saraf has offered medical service to more than 1,000 orthopaedic patients free of cost.

Felicitations received for his unparalleled service
Dr. Saraf was chosen as the appropriate recipient of the “Rajasthan Ratna Award” and Mama Hazrat award for excellence in the field of orthopaedic studies and surgery. At present, he is a post-graduate professor and heads the Department of Orthopaedics at Bombay Hospital and Medical Research Centre.

Needless to say, Dr M.L Saraf is a perfect blend of compassion and professionalism!

M.L Saraf continues to bless people with genuine treatment

Doctors are known to be the saviors of life and very few can justify these words.  M.L Saraf is that doctor who stands by each of these words. His achievements and hard work have made him a most reputed orthopedic in the nation, being a blessing to the whole medical community. He is a true and versatile doctor who established his career with a sole purpose of serving the needy. He is one of those who believes that humanity is the key to attaining healthy life.

Dr. M.L Saraf is such a doctor who never differentiates between rich and poor; thus, believing the fact that all should be blessed with a healthy and pain-free life. His achievements are never ending. Thus, he is the actual example for all the young doctors who wish to achieve something in life.

Brilliance in academics and Qualifications M.L Saraf always had a different career since his schooling and college days. He was an ace student in all his classes and used to attain first position every time. With his hard work and dedication, he now possesses an honorable degree and achievements in the field of Orthopedics.

He pursued his masters in the subject from the University of Liverpool and attained great position with his excellence. His merit enhanced when he was the addressee of Norman Roberts Prize for presenting an excellent thesis in University.

He is one of the first Indian in 60 Years to achieve this reputed award. However, he never let his duties towards his country vanish. Hence, he returned to his beloved country and served people here.

Services Beyond Excellence On returning India, he joined KEM hospital and commenced practicing as an in-house surgeon. He understands the issues of the poor and the fact that thousands cannot afford it in the village. He then came to their rescue with medical camps to cure issues of polio and other diseases in the villages of Mumbai. Due to his excellence in the field and brilliant service, his rich patients even donated for the camps. It is only because of Dr. M.L Saraf, that the needy attain treatment to cure all their health issues.

Due to his immense hard work, he was hired at Ashwini at Naval Hospital. He undertook various surgeries on senior officers in Armed Forces. Earlier dealing with the patients was a failure, but Dr. Saraf has done a tremendous job in offering treatment successfully.

This doctor has also received an invitation to lead medical squad to look after the president of US Bill Clinton back then. He frequently receives invitations from the Medical Council of India and Universities to conduct inspections.

He has served people like- Manmohan Singh (Former Prime Minister of India) Shankarrao Chavan Dilip Kumar Hamid Karzai (Afghan Premier) Bill Clinton (Former President of US) Atal Bihari Vajpayee (Former Prime Minister of India) M.L Saraf not only proves his excellence in his field of Orthopedics but also makes his nation proud. His achievements are unattainable if one does not work selflessly. His services and years of hard work is an inspirational story for many doctors and people who wish to testify an example of humanity.

The man with perfect blend of kindness and professionalism!

A doctor who is kind, brilliant and excellent in the field of orthopedics. Well, the name is pretty famous in the world of medicine where he serves to his patients and students with his decades of experience. His wisdom and positive hope makes him the most beloved personality amongst all. Doctors are the living Gods, and a perfect proof of the same is this name!

In the field of orthopedics, every doctor and practitioner is a witness to the intelligence and skill set served by Dr. Saraf. This personality is a sure name in the list of favorite people of all his patients, as he serves not only his medical experience but a positive change to his people.

Why is Dr. Saraf the most desired practitioner in orthopedic services? The availability of following services makes M.L Saraf as an expert and reliable name in the field of orthopedics.

Machineries :- Dr. Saraf invested big bucks in modernized equipment which he uses for the best diagnose process in the same field. Patients under the guidance of orthopedics require set of machines that are helpful in the process of treatment and healing. Dr. M.L Saraf, being a professional practitioner believes in investing the right amount at a right place.

Always Available :- Dr. Saraf is always available for his patients. He is an expert who treats his profession as a necessary service to humankind. And therefore, he is always available to guide his patients as well as his students, who are curious young minds to learn his brilliance in this profession.

Experience:- Every patient looks for an experienced doctor who has been practicing for decades. Dr. M.L Saraf is a brilliant individual offering the services of orthopedics to his patient since decades now. This wealth of experience is what makes him an excellent teacher, advisor and a doctor with an experienced set of skills.

Mode of Treatment:- Dr. Saraf is particular with the machines, techniques, and equipment used in his practice. His latest mode of treatment includes the modernized machinery along with a set of exercise that he instructs as per the patient’s requirements. His mode of treatments is all certified and highly recommended by other doctors in the country as well.

Affordability:- Surgeries and treatments related of orthopedics can be expensive, and Mr. Saraf understands the tough situations faced by his patients. Therefore, he fulfills his oath to serve the humanity with perfect medication experience under the minimal costs. He is known as one of a kind doctor in the same field; well, the reason is pretty clear now!

Not every doctor can be a friend. But M.L Saraf is surely a mentor, a friend, an advisor and a motivator for every personality under his treatment and guidance. Serving patients with best of your skills and maintaining the dignity of your profession can be tough, but with personalities like Dr. Saraf, it is as easy as smiling every day. So, the expert of the field answers to your back and neck problem! So don’t wait, because your pain is not getting better any day!